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Cervical cancer screening is one of the most common procedures that we carry out at our clinic in London, but having a cervical smear can be a daunting prospect for many women. In addition to worrying about what the outcome might be, many women are concerned about the procedure itself.

Our experience performing cervical cancer screening in London has taught us how important it is for women to feel comfortable and to understand what is happening. When we perform a cervical smear, we will always make sure that you know what to expect and that you feel as relaxed as possible.

In order to screen for cervical cancer, we need to take a sample of cells from your cervix that we can send to be tested in the laboratory. We will collect the sample by sweeping a soft brush around your cervix, but in order to do this we need to use an instrument called a speculum in order to widen your vagina. You will be able to feel what is happening, but you should not experience anything more than slight discomfort.

The cells we collect will be tested in the lab to check for any abnormalities that could be early signs of cervical cancer. Having an abnormal result will not necessarily mean that you have cancer, but it could mean that you need additional testing or treatment to remove precancerous cells that could become cancerous in the future. We have experienced gynaecologists at our London clinic who can provide the care that you need if your cervical smear does reveal any abnormalities that we believe are cause for concern.

Cervical cancer screening could help to prevent cervical cancer, but it cannot detect other forms of cancer, such as ovarian or uterine cancer, so it is still important to be aware of any changes in your body and to discuss any gynaecological symptoms that are unusual for you with your doctor. Your doctor can also advise you on whether other forms of gynaecological screening, such as HPV testing, may be appropriate for you.

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