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Lymphoedema massage therapy works by stimulating your lymph system. Normally, your lymphatic system carries excess fluid away from your cells and allows immune cells to move around your body. If something prevents this system from working properly, the fluid can build up in the affected part of your body, resulting in swelling. The lymphoedema massage therapy performed at the London clinic can encourage fluid to flow through the lymph system, moving it away from the swollen area.

The Treatment

You will usually need several sessions of lymphoedema massage therapy in London, which should be performed by a qualified therapist. When you arrive for the treatment, you will normally be asked to lie down, but you will be treated while sitting up straight if the swelling is around your head and neck as this will help the fluid to drain away.

The treatment will feel a bit like a normal massage. The technique used during lymphoedema massage therapy at the London clinic uses slow, rhythmic movements that are quite gentle. You won’t feel as much pressure as during a deep massage, because pressing too hard could flatten the lymph vessels and actually make it harder for fluid to drain away.

The therapist will target the parts of your body where the lymph system needs to be stimulated in order to relieve your swelling. The massage will usually start by clearing the area that the lymph fluid will be drained into, before moving on to the swollen area itself. For example, your therapist may start by massaging your neck and chest if the lymphoedema is affecting your arms.

The therapist may bandage the swollen area at the end of the massage or give you a compression garment to wear. This can help to reduce the swelling and prevent fluid from building up again.

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