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As well as attending your private breast screening appointments when you get a reminder, you should make sure that you are making time to check your own breasts regularly for any unusual changes. Although screening can help to identify many cases of breast cancer, many women actually detect the first signs for themselves. You should examine your breasts at least once a month so that you will be able to spot any changes as soon as they appear.

Breast cancer doesn’t always show itself as a lump, although you should see your doctor if you feel an unusual growth. Other signs you should be looking out for include pain, changes to your nipples, and differences in the texture of your skin. If you spot something that doesn’t look or feel normal for your breasts, you should ask your doctor about it. Hopefully, it will be nothing to worry about, but if you do have breast cancer it is important that you get treatment as soon as possible.

What to Expect from Gonorrhoea Testing
Many people are worried about getting an STI test, but the testing procedures for infections such as gonorrhoea are actually very quick and easy. You don’t have to feel embarrassed either, as all of the staff who you meet at the clinic will treat you with the utmost respect and discretion when you visit for a private gonorrhoea test.

Getting a Gonorrhoea Test
Getting tested is the only way to know for sure whether you have an STI such as gonorrhoea. Many people don’t experience any symptoms, even though the infection can still be putting them at risk of serious complications. Even if you are experiencing symptoms such as pain or discharge, it can be difficult to tell what the cause is until you are tested for a specific STI.

Gonorrhoea Testing for Women
The testing procedure itself is very simple. If you are a woman, you will need to have a sample taken from your vagina or cervix as urine tests aren’t very accurate for gonorrhoea in women. The sample is collected with a swab, which is a small, cotton-bud like instrument that just needs to be wiped over the surface. You may be able to take a vaginal swab yourself, but your doctor will need to take the cervical swab for you, if it is needed. The procedure is a bit like having a cervical smear, so although it may feel a little bit uncomfortable, it won’t hurt. Your doctor may also need to take a swab from your urethra.

Gonorrhoea Testing for Men
If you are a man, you might just need to provide a urine sample for a private gonorrhoea test, although a swab may need to be taken if there is any discharge coming from your penis. You should try to avoid urinating for a couple of hours before your appointment in order to get the most accurate results.

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