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Dr Charles Blakeney


Contact Person
Dr Charles Blakeney
078 5726 2334

Dr Charles Blakeney is Director of Radiology at 132 Harley Street.  He is one of the most experienced radiologists in the Capital with over 20 years experience with all forms of radiology including Ultrasound, CT scanning, Angiography and other interventional radiology.

Dr Blakeney describes radiology as a speciality which provides a rapid, efficient and accurate diagnostic service to clinicians in many areas of medicine.

He has been a prolific author of and contributor to medical publications and holds a number of honorary appointments at the Royal London Hospital and is also a regular examination contributor at the St Bartholomew's and Royal London post graduate and other courses.

To make an appointment for ultrasound following your doctor's referral, please call  078 5726 2334.