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The Perfect Weight

The Perfect Weight services at 132 Harley StreetPerfect Weight is a multi disciplinary approach to weight management. We have long known that the causes of being overweight and obesity are as complex as people themselves. Different people need different approaches and interventions and Perfect Weight is able to accommodate every stage of intervention from simple dietary advice to obesity surgery. Some people simply need some nutritional facts and goals to work towards but for others the problem is much more complex and severe, In between these two groups are many, many more who need specific skills counselling and therapy to help them address the causes of their weight issues.

What Our Client Says?

Perfect Weight Dietician explains that many of his clients have really unhappy and unhealthy relationships with food. “Many of my clients tell me they spend all day thinking about food, counting up their calories and bargaining with themselves. The first thing to understand about weight management is that it is not as simple as telling someone to eat less! I have never worked with a client who is over weight because they are greedy or lazy! From childhood we all learn to use food emotionally, when we are bored, sad, lonely, we either start or stop eating. If someone is going to change this behaviour forever they are going to need to learn a new response to emotional situations and this is where working with my colleague Shaun Hammond is so important and what makes Perfect Weight so unique. Shaun is able to work with the patient to tackle complex psychological and behavioural issues so that I can get on with nutrition and dietetics. Some of our patients have serious medical problems as a result of their weight, and our specialists are on hand when medical intervention is needed.

How to choose diet?

Most people have tried at least one diet or another in the past and have failed, this can often leave them feeling worse than when they’d started and often results in further weight regain - the classic “yo-yo”. All diets can work, but people seldom stop to think if the diet they are choosing is going to suit their food likes and dislikes, or if it is going to fit into their lifestyle. Changing the way you eat and exercise is hard, it requires a degree of effort and a certain amount of discomfort at first. Our job is to help each client construct an eating and activity plan that is specifically tailored to them, it has to be as individual as they are.

Good, healthy eating isn’t rocket science. Putting it into practise can be difficult at first, but that’s where the Perfect Weight team approach comes into it’s own. We work under the ethos that if we are the experts on Nutrition, psychotherapy and medicine, then our clients are the experts on themselves. Our job is to help them build a lifestyle plan that is entirely tailored to them. Food is a wonderful thing, and it’s a hugely enjoyable part of our lives, yet so many of the people who come to see us almost feel it’s become their enemy."