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Maternity CareAntenatal Care / Maternity Package

At 132 Harley Street we strongly support “Choice in Childbirth”. Our Consultant Obstetricians offer a package of care including pre-pregnancy counselling, antenatal booking and dating scans, fetal anomaly scans (e.g. nuchal fold scanning for Down’s syndrome and other abnormalities), maternal tests for disease specific to pregnancy (e.g. pre-eclampsia and pregnancy induced diabetes), scans for growth and discussion regarding mode of delivery and aftercare. Dating scans are undertaken at 132 Harley Street, whilst other fetal scans will be arranged for you at one of the local highly specialised centres. Our obstetricians will be readily available to discuss all routine aspects of your pregnancy and are highly skilled in dealing with any unforeseen problems which may arise. They have admitting rights for delivery at many of the major London private maternity units.

Our team of nurses are on hand to undertake blood tests, blood pressure measurements and urine testing at the time of your antenatal visits and will liaise with your consultant should you have any questions or problems. 

As we believe in an holistic approach to pregnancy care, you may also wish to consult with one of our complementary practitioners. For example, we can offer hypnotherapy for relaxation during pregnancy and labour and nutritional advice regarding tailoring the best diet for you and discussion about foods best avoided. We also offer specialist acupuncture.

Pregnancy is a challenge for all couples, but at 132 Harley Street we believe that we can offer you the best package for making the whole experience as enjoyable as possible.