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Mr Richmond Stace

MCSP MSc (pain) BSc (Hons)

Contact Person
07932 689081

Richmond is a Chartered Physiotherapist with a background in pain neuroscience that he uses to create treatment, training and coaching programmes for persisting, chronic and complex pain. The strategies and therapies create the conditions for change in symptoms and activity levels that allow the individual to move forwards in terms of life satisfaction. Commonly he sees problems that are on-going and impacting upon quality of life at home, at work and in play (sport & exercise).

The clinic focus at 132 Harley Street is upon women and persisting pain although men with chronic pain are equally welcome. This includes musculoskeletal pain such as back and neck pain, joint pain and tendon pain, pelvic pain and functional pain syndromes (eg/ irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, fibromyalgia). In some cases, these seemingly different problems are concurrent, but have similar underpinning mechanisms that we can target with a range of therapies and strategies to work towards the individual's goals.

Richmond is a member of the Physiotherapy Pain Association (Journal Editorial Team) and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). He regularly writes on the subject of pain on his blogs ( & and for publication as well as guest lecturing. He also has specialist clinics for dystonia, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and persisting musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries. Richmond's clinics, the Specialist Pain Physio Clinics,  are also located at 9 Harley Street, The Chelsea Consulting Rooms, Temple and the New Malden Diagnostic Centre.