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Pelvic & Vulval Pain Specialist Services

A select group of Consultants and Complementary Therapists at 132 Harley Street have formed a group that will be able to offer patients specialist diagnostic investigation and treatment of pain.

Their aim is to create a programme of care and create a better understanding of pain.

This team comprises Miss Deborah Boyle, Professor Wendy Reid, Mrs Helen Forth,  Mr Shaun Hammond and Mr Richmond Stace.


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Miss Deborah Boyle

Miss Deborah Boyle is a Consultant Gynaecologist with a special interest and training in the management of vulval pain and other vulval disorders.

Professor Wendy Reid

Professor Wendy Reid is a Consultant Gynaecologist with specialised training in vulval disease and disorders, particularly pain, as well as pelvic floor problems and childbirth trauma.

Mrs Helen Forth

Mrs Helen Forth is a Womens’ Clinical Physiotherapist with specialist training in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction and has a post-graduate thesis which examines the role of physiotherapy in the management of vulval pain.

Mr Shaun Hammond

Mr Shaun Hammond is a trained counsellor as well as hypnotherapist and has worked with many patients suffering with chronic pain and immune system disorders.

Mr Richmond Stace

Mr Richmond Stace is a Specialist Pain Physiotherapist who started his career as a nurse and went on to specialise in rehabilitation and neurosciences and now uses various techniques to help patients understand and recover from their pain.

Conditions treated include pelvic floor dysfunction, joint and other musculoskeletal problems, vulval pain and chronic pain issues.

Professor Wendy Reid and Miss Deborah Boyle

Professor Wendy Reid and Miss Deborah Boyle will initially consult with patients and establish what further gynaecological input may be required. Some patients may then be referred for further treatment and consultation to other members of the team as appropriate.

Painful conditions are complex and can be treated by a combination of clinical treatment, hypnotherapy and physiotherapy tailored to the individual and their particular problem.