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If you are planning to have surgery to repair a genital prolapse then you may be wondering what to expect while you are recovering from the vaginal repair procedure. You should find that the discomfort you have been experiencing due to the prolapse, along with any other symptoms such as constipation, should go away after the procedure, but it will take a little time for your body to recover.

You will usually have to spend between three and five days in hospital when you have a vaginal repair for prolapse. It is normal to notice some discharge while you are recovering, and it may feel a little painful at first when you go to the toilet. Your doctor may suggest that you take a laxative to help make it a easier. You might also be advised to apply a local anaesthetic gel or to use an ice pack to help relieve any pain and to bring down the swelling.

You should be feeling much better by the time you are released from hospital, but it can take up to six weeks for you to recover completely. During this time, you should take it easy and make sure that you are keeping yourself well hydrated. You should be able to return to your usual routine fairly quickly, but you will need to take a little extra care. You should avoid any strenuous exercise, including heavy lifting, and abstain from sex until you are fully recovered. Meanwhile, you should make sure that you are eating a balanced diet to prevent constipation, and drinking plenty of fluids to reduce the risk of developing a urinary infection.

You won’t have to return to have any stitches removed after a vaginal repair for prolapse, as the sutures used during the procedure will simply dissolve once they are no longer needed. You won’t even have a scar, as the procedure is performed vaginally.

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